Condo Blues: How to Clean an Essential Oil Nebulizing Aromatherapy Diffuser

Sunday, February 4, 2018

How to Clean an Essential Oil Nebulizing Aromatherapy Diffuser

 I’ve been poking around at upgrading my candle essential oil diffuser. I didn’t realize how many types and choices are available since I bought my ceramic diffuser ages ago:
1. Candle Essential Oil Diffuser – Good for a start but it’s too easy for the candle to boil the essential oil and water dry. Not to mention the whole never leave a burning candle unattended thing.

2. Reed diffuser – Swing and a miss. Slow acting and only good for small rooms like a bathroom. You need new reeds every time you want to use a different essential oil in it.

3. Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser – Uses water and heat to produce a mist of essential oil in the air. They are often made out of a ugly hunks of plastic. The last thing I need (per my allergist) is to add humidity to the air in my home due to my (rather annoying) seasonal allergies which makes it a no go.

4. Nebulizing essential oil diffuser -  Uses an air pump to release the essential oil from the diffuser as waterless mist. Many people feel a nebulizer is a better option because it doesn’t change the makeup of the essential oil with heat or weaken the aroma with water – which makes it the perfect type for me!

I’ve had my eye on Organic Aromas nebulizing essential oil diffusers for quite awhile. Unlike most of the nebulizer essential oil diffuser I looked at, the bottle doesn’t attach to the diffuser so you can use any brand and size bottle of essential oil with it. I like that because I buy and use essential oils from a variety of vendors in difference size and shape bottles. It also means I have better control of how much essential oil I’m using in my diffuser at a time which makes it easier to clean when I want to switch oils.

Not only that but with the hardwood base and hand made flame work glass reservoir  (flame work is the next type of glass blowing I want to try) it is a gorgeous and practical way to display more glass art in my tiny house. I happily accepted Organic Aromas offer of a sample to facilitate writing this post although honestly I was a little worried the delicate looking glass would survive my clumsy fumbling (it’s stronger and more durable than I thought!)

How to use a nebulizer essential oil diffuser
Pretty and plastic free!

I throughly tested the Organic Aromas Dark Radiance Nebulizing Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser for several weeks using the essential oils I already own and from the Organic Aromas  The Discovery Collection  essential oil sampler . It only took a few drops of essential oil in the reservoir to fill my home office with a much stronger scent that an I ever got from my candle diffuser.

Some folks complain that the Radiance cycles 2 minutes on 1 minute off and shuts off after two hours of continual use but I didn’t think it was an issue since that’s the way most electronic essential oil diffusers work.   I like the Organic Aromas nebulizing aromatherapy diffusers so much (and not just because it was a sample) I have no problem recommending it to you (and using my affiliate links.)

How to Clean an Essential Oil Diffuser

The glass reservoir of the Organic Aromas diffuser isn’t as fragile in person as it looked online although I still recommend being careful when you clean.  it so you don’t accidentally break the micro tubes which shouldn’t be an issue if you clean it properly (although if you do break it Organic Aromas sells replacements.) 

how to use and clean a nebulizing essential oil diffuser
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1. Remove the glass cap.

2. Use the included eye dropper/pipette to gently add rubbing alcohol to the glass glass reservoir.

How to clean an essential oil diffuser
I don't need to remove the glass resinous from the base when I clean it - yay!

3. Turn the diffuser on and allow it to run for five to ten minutes to clean the micro tubes inside the glass reservoir. 

4. Pour any remaining rubbing alcohol out of the glass reservoir and allow it to air dry.

Now you’re ready to diffuse a new essential oil in a clean nebulizer essential oil diffuser!

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