Condo Blues: Friday Favorites Linky Party 429

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Friday Favorites Linky Party 429

My husband and I are blessed with the pitter patter of new little feet this week. Meet our energetic house guest Mattis!

Hello. My name is Mattis.  

My husband and I wanted to help our friends by dogsitting but we had a little concern. Lacey still sometimes guards me from other dogs, which is one of the reasons she was rehomed with us. We've  worked on it (and still work on it when necessary) and established some rules ahead of time to set everyone up for success during Mattis' visit. We had a good first night - no guarding from anyone! 

They played well the first night although Lacey gave some side eye to say "and you think I'm too energetic? This puppy doesn't have an off switch!"

Mattis is a sweet boy, but the doggo that deserve all the props is Lacey. I am so proud of how Lacey has stepped up to be the Good Example/Alpha Dog/Temporary Big Sister to Mattis. For example, my husband and I took the dogs on their first big walk together. Lacey was a textbook example of loose leash walking and never pulled once on her leash which doesn't always happen when I walk her by myself.  When I'm teaching Mattis basic commands (Sit, Stay, etc.) I give Lacey the command first and she shows Mattis exactly how it is done. It gives me hope that someday we can adopt a second dog for Lacey.

If I show Mattis how to follow commands, I earn treats for doing stuff I already know! 
Don't tell Lisa because I don't think she's figured it out I'm only in it for earning extra treats.

Adding to our pack is still a long ways off. We still need to figure out how to feed two dogs at the same time and keep them from trying to eat each other's food. If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments below!

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