Condo Blues: How to Make Hot Glue Wax Seals

Monday, June 18, 2018

How to Make Hot Glue Wax Seals

I want to make a bunch of favors that look like they are sealed with sealing wax. Unfortunately, real sealing wax isn’t sturdy enough to hold up if you use it to seal a letter or invitation you want to mail. I doubt it will hold up for my project.

The same goes for trying to use crayons as sealing wax or sealing wax made for hot glue guns. All great (and fairly expensive) for hand dispatched letters and invitations but not for something I want to last because they are all made from some sort of wax that easily cracks.

DIY faux wax seals for wedding invitations
Keep reading and I'll show you how to make your own super simple sealing wax!

Hot glue pretty much lasts forever and is a less expensive way to make the three hundred faux wax seals I need and by using colored Mod Melts, the hot glue looks like sealing wax but is much sturdier. My hot glue gun wax seals will go through the US mail without being damaged if I chose.

How to Make Hot Glue Sealing Wax

You will need:

Metallic Hot Glue (learn more about it here)

Wax seal stamp - you can buy many different styles through the link

A coin

Silicone craft mat

Hot glue gun – I recently upgraded to the this AdTech Precision Pro Hot Glue Gun and do not regret it one little bit!

Small bowl of ice water



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Step by Step How to Make It:

1. Trace the coin with the pencil several times on the silicone mat. You will use these circles to size your wax seal.

2. Put the metal wax seal in the bowl of ice water and allow it get cold. The hot glue is less likely to stick to cold metal when you stamp it.

How to make hot glue sealing wax with Mod Podge Mod Melts
My ice cubes are strange colors because I use reusable ice cubes 
otherwise my freezer eats ice cubes before we can use them.

3. Put a Mod Melt Hot Glue Stick into your hot glue gun and dispense fill your circle size guide on the silicone mat with hot glue

Easy DIY Hot Glue Wax Seals
You can freehand the size if you like but I like using a guide to keep the size and shape uniform.

4. Remove the metal sealing stamp from the ice water, blot the water on the towel, and quickly stamp the puddle of hot glue before it dries.

DIY wax seals you can put in the mail

If your metal wax seal stamp isn’t cold enough or if you wait too long for the Mod Melt hot glue to harden, the faux wax seal may stick to your metal stamp. No worries! Gently peal the Mod Melt seal off the stamp and put it aside. This is why I recommend making the hot glue wax seals on a silicone mat because this situation might damage your project surface (like a paper envelope) if you stamp on it directly.

5. Allow the hot glue wax seal to harden and use tacky glue to attach it to your envelope or project.

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Easy DIY wax seals and hot glue gun sealing wax

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Katrina Hamel said...

Super cool idea!

Jennifer Wise said...

I was so excited to see this post shared today at #impartinggracelinkup because I saw this somewhere last year and decided this would be the perfect thing for my daughter's graduation announcements!! I literally just created these last week, following your instructions. THEY ARE AMAZING!! Thank you so much. I LOVE them. They look so impressive! I'm so excited to use them. I'm sure I Pinned this post last year when I first saw it, but I'm definitely Pinning again today. :)

Pam said...

I love this idea. When I was young, I loved sealing letters with wax seals. I really like the idea of using hot wax to make the seals less likely to crack. I am going to try this! Thanks for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things!

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Me too but with this method the seals can go through the US mail without cracking or needing to be hand canceled

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