Condo Blues: Growing Vegetables from Scraps and Friday Favorites Linky Party 531

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Growing Vegetables from Scraps and Friday Favorites Linky Party 531

Last year my patio container garden "plan" was Hey, this looks new and interesting. This year I was happily surprised that five pots out of the ten containers grew back since most herb plants don't survive the winter and turn into annuals no matter what. 

Normally when I'm stumped as to what to plants to grow, I just wander through the garden center and see what catches my eye. This year that isn't possible so other than taking our chances on a packet of free basil seeds I had in a drawer, I had no idea until we got a box of vegetables delivered from a local restaurant. Is Pinterest right or wrong? Can you really regrow vegetables from their scraps? We decided to give it a whirl.

how to grow vegetables from scraps
This is what passes for entertainment when you are self distancing from the world.

I cut the end off of the cabbage, romaine lettuce, and celery and put them in water in repurposed take out containers and change the water daily. It was a dark and rainy week when I started the project so I stuck our experiments under our Aerogarden grown light and the lettuce started sprouting almost immediately! When it finally stopped raining, I moved everything outside and added the end from bock choy to our trash gardening experiment because I think I cut the cabbage too close to the end and it isn't sprouting. The cabbage might be a fail. 

As soon as the plant ends grow roots, I'll plant the ends in my container garden ask them not to die (which is what I ask of all of my plants. Some listen. Some don't.) If it works great, free veg! If it doesn't, I'll toss everything into the compost bin which is where it would have wound up anyway. 

I showed you my project. Now you show me yours!

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Powell River Books said...

I haven't tried regrowing anything on purpose, but once in a while something stays to long in my fridge or shelf and does it of its own accord. - Margy

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