Condo Blues: Quilted and Embroidered Cloth Face Masks and Friday Favorites Linky Party 537

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Quilted and Embroidered Cloth Face Masks and Friday Favorites Linky Party 537

I needed to test if my sewing and embroidery machine was actually fixed the third time it came back from the repair shop (yes, really. You read that right. Three times to replace a part I suggested might need replacing in Round 2.) I grabbed some scrap fabric and set up a complicated machine embroidery design to put my machine through its paces. Thrilled that it worked, I played can I machine embroider that weird fabric? and messed around with various sewing machine feet, stitches, and settings. I had some pieces I rather liked so I made them into cloth face masks, playing with a few different styles and techniques for funsies. It felt good to play.

how to machine embroider tissue lame
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My favorite is the embroidered deer. The embroidery came out beautifully but I wasn't thinking ahead and used a thick piece of stabilizer which is hard to breathe through - oops! I cut the majority of the stabilizer from around the deer to make a breathable mask. If I were to do it again, I would chose a lighter or water soluble embroidery stabilizer. Live and learn!

The silver lamé (that my husband calls the 1970's Disco Ball Extravaganza) is too loosely woven, thin, and is as durable as a wet paper tissue (which makes it hateful to sew even though it looks great under stage lights) to make it as a functional face cover - it is purely decorative. While I was playing I found the best way to embroider tissue lamé is to hoop a piece of cotton fabric between the lame and the stabilizer which is a recommended cloth face mask fabric so I figured why not? lined it with a fun flannel print and experimented with adding a different type of filter pocket. 

I now have some cloth masks that match clothing projects I finally got around to sewing for myself (check out the sweet cherry fabric in my 1950's wrap dress in the linky below!) and a jester mask made from a quilting block test (please ignore the mistakes, thank you) when I made quilted diamond fabric I sewed into a jester costume. There are some mistakes in the block and I'm not sure if quilted fabric is OK to use instead of a solid piece of fabric so I backed it with 2 layers of solid cotton fabric and made it with a filter pocket for good measure.

I showed you my project. Now you show me yours!

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