Condo Blues: DIY No Sew Thread Cone Gnomes

Monday, November 30, 2020

DIY No Sew Thread Cone Gnomes

I buy sewing machine thread in the colors I use most often in bulk by the serger cone. I  use stand alone bobbin winder like this one to wind the cone thread onto an empty regular size thread spool to use on my sewing machine. (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience.) This is supposed to keep me from running out of thread but when my historical costuming projects usually take up to 10 yards of fabric I still go through a ton of sewing thread.

Which means I have a nice little stack of empty thread cones on my To Upcycle shelf waiting for a craft project that never comes.

Until today!

I recycled empty thread cones into cute little gnomes. If you don’t have empty thread or serger cones cluttering up your house  waiting to be upcycled you can use paper craft cones like these

how to make recycled thread cone gnomes
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You will need for each gnome you want to make:

Empty thread cone or craft cone

Fabric – you can buy fat quarters of fabric here

Craft rope, mop strings, yarn, twine, etc. to make hair or the beard – you can buy white cotton yarn like I used here



Round bead


Tacky glue this Tacky Glue is my favorite

Craft bead – you can get a variety of craft beads here 


1. Starting at the front of the cone, wrap a rectangle piece of fabric around the lower third of the cone to make the gnome’s body and  glue it into place.

how to make no sew gnomes
I used a pin to hold the glued fabric together as it dried because my fabric is thin. Instead of trimming the extra body fabric from the bottom I tucked the extra inside the cone.

2. Make and attach the beard for the boy gnomes by:

- Cutting craft rope, mop strings, yarn, twine, etc. and gluing it into place on the front of the cone.

quick christmas gnome craft idea
If you want your gnome to have a big, bushy beard you can use two or more layers of yarn one on top of the other

3.Cut a cone shape from fabric that will make the hat. 

4. Roll the hat fabric  onto the top of the cone and glue it into place.

how to make a no sew gnome hat
I’m making my gnome's hat ridonculously long but you can make your gnome's hat as long or short as you like!

5. Use glue to attach a craft bead nose to the gnome’s face.

6. Decorate and celebrate!

quick easy gnome craft idea for kids
The white goat in the background is a Yule Goat. The Yule Goat used to give the Christmas presents to Swedish children before Santa Claus hit the scene.


Rather buy than DIY? Check out the following gnome decoration ideas – and more! – below!

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A GAL NEEDS... said...

This is such a cute little fellow! I'm featuring it on #MyPostMonday if that's OK! Look for the feature on Twitter as well under the hashtag #MyPostMonday!

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

I love this, especially the no sew part! Featuring when my party opens up tonight. Thanks for sharing!

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