Condo Blues: Hearts and Gnomes Christmas Decoration House Tour

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Hearts and Gnomes Christmas Decoration House Tour

This year I mixed old and new to decorate the house for Christmas. As our gnome population grew so did my collection of Danish Christmas heart decorations. Actually many of them are Valentine's Day decorations I bought in February and use as Christmas hearts. As crazy as this year has been I think we all need to share a little more love, kindness, and compassion now more than ever.

Christmas out door decoration house tour
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Our giant gnomes flank the front door (you can read the tutorial how to make tomato cage gnomes here) and you are greeted by my first Christmas heart hanging on the front door instead of a wreath. I've been wanting a red wood curl wreath forever and finally bought one last year during an after Christmas sale. The wreath (you can find similar wood curl wreaths here)  fills the space above our dauschund welcome sign - in honor of Lacey. (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience.)

how to make an outdoor christmas tree decoration

I shortened the trunk of my ornament window Christmas tree (learn how to make my outdoor Christmas tree here) and I think the new size looks better next to the dauschund lights - another Lacey tribute!

jester dog collar

Hi everyone Lacey here! We had snow for one day and it melted when Lisa retook some of the photos for this Christmas house tour.  That's why her pictures look weird.

This year I decorated the porch, windows, and doorway with cloth bunting (you can read how to make my Christmas bunting here) because bunting looks cheerful and it makes me happy. (Also, I used almost all of the artificial garlands to fill the holes in the Christmas trees.) The hearts on the shutters are dollar store placements 

Christmas heart decoration ideas
It's simple, yet fun which is just the look I wanted. 

I carried the simple, yet fun decorating theme to the inside of the house because as timing would have it (thanks COVID!) I'm starting on a big renovation project during Christmas. I need to keep taking down the Christmas decorations and putting away as quick and easy as possible this year.

I moved the Christmas tree from its usual corner location to be different and went with the Danish Christmas colors of red and white. Instead of real candles I decorated with glass candles from IKEA.

Heart Christmas tree decorations
Christmas hearts are usually woven heart shaped paper or fabric baskets Danes hang on their Christmas trees filled with candy. I like to decorate with solid red hearts because they remind me of the giant Christmas hearts Copenhagen hangs over the streets at Christmas time. So pretty!

Of course no Christmas tree in our house would be complete without some of our favorite and sentimental ornaments.

first house Christmas tree ornament
The year we bought our house and celebrated our first Christmas during a weeklong blackout. Memories!

Swedish Dala horse decoration

Dala horses are a Swedish tradition. 

German pyramid Christmas ornament
I've always wanted a German Christmas pyramid and a sweet friend gave me this one - from Germany! 

We have a second Christmas tree we are using as our Advent Calendar on the landing near our home office.

DIY wine advent calender

My IKEA Julbock (Yule Goat) hangs with his gnomies.

gnome and julbock Christmas decorations
Traditionally Julbocks are made from straw. I prefer this less flammable ceramic kind.

Merry Christmas!

DIY tomato cage gnomes

Looking for more Scandinavian Christmas decorating ideas? Check out the following options - and more! - below!

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GranthamLynn said...

I lived the tour. You have some pretty pieces. I love how you put them all together! It's Fabulous! Come over and link at the Fabulous Party!

annies home said...

Your tree is splendid with so many beautiful touches and a new idea for us next year in the tree with mini bags
come see usat

Jhuls said...

I loved the house tour and the decorations. Happy holidays! Thanks for sharing at Fiesta Friday party!

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