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Thursday, December 9, 2021

How to Make Peg Doll Gnomes

One of my fellow renaissance festival performer friends, painted a set of wood peg dolls for her daughter to look like some of the characters from our show so she has a period toy to keep her busy/quiet/not fussy if she is visiting with her family –  dressed as a fairy.

Her peg doll toys gave me the idea to make wood peg doll gnome pin favors for my fellow fae performers. Our little Honorary Fairy wanted a mini me too (and my heart exploded into a million pieces of joy.) I asked if she wanted a pin to wear or a gnome peg doll to play with. She asked for a gnome peg doll so Nissa can play with all of her peg dolls of our village.


how to make wood peg doll gnomes
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My homemade gnome peg dolls are quick and easy to make. You can make them for children or with children. You make them as detailed or simple as you like

As of this writing, I’m calling my DIY peg doll gnomes, Nissa Tomtesdottir Elizabethan Action Figures because who hasn’t wanted to have their own action figure?!


Quick and Easy DIY Gnome Peg Dolls


You will need the following gnome craft supplies:

Blank wood peg doll – Wood peg dolls come in all shapes and sizes. I used these exact 2 inch girl peg dolls in this tutorial. You can also buy 2 inch male peg dolls like these, or if you want to skip the felt hats, you can buy wood gnome peg dolls here.

Red felt or fabric scraps


Glue – I used E6000 Fabric Fuse (learn more about my BFF E6000 Fabric Fuse here) to ensure the hat will remain on the peg doll forever if there is rough play (or bouncing around in the bottom of a toy box.) Hot glue, tacky glue, or whatever your favorite glue for felt and wood should work too.

White paper

Mod Podge – I used this Mod Podge Gloss formula

Craft paint

Paint brushes

Optional: Safety pin backs like these

 (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links in this post for your convenience.)


Step by Step How to Make Gnome Peg Dolls Tutorial

1. Use the craft paint and paint brush to paint the body of the peg doll as simply or elaborately as you like. I made my gnome peg doll’s dress a simple blue with a decoupaged apron. I am not a confident enough miniature painter to attempt the detailed embroidery festooning Nissa’s costume and keeping the edges crisp around a painted apron (there is a reason why I sew more often than I do paint craft projects.)

real gnome Nissa Tomtesdottir

Look at me! I'm a metro gnome! Photo courtesy of Steven Kohus

I painted the base of my doll yellow because one of the things my gnome Nissa is known for is wearing yellow wood shoes. (To answer the question, yes Dutch wood clogs are comfortable to wear once you get used to walking in them toe first and wear thick socks.)

2. Use the scissors to cut a triangle for the hat, roll the triangle fabric into a cone and glue it into place. Allow the glue to dry. 


how to make gnome peg dolls

You can skip this step if you are using gnome shaped peg dolls and paint the wood hat part red.


3. Use the scissors to cut an apron shape from white paper and use Mod Podge and a paint brush to attach it to the gnome’s body.

easy gnome peg doll craft for kids
Almost done!


4. Glue the felt hat onto the gnome’s head (if applicable) and use the paint brush and craft paint to paint 2 dots for eyes on the face of the peg doll.

Tip: The easiest way to paint the eyes is to put a straight pin in the eraser end of a pencil to make a dotting tool.

5. Once the paint and glue is dry, seal the peg doll with a coat of Mod Podge with the paint brush.


how to make gnome peg dolls
What's up my gnomie?


6. If you want to make a gnome peg doll pin, glue a safety bar pin back to the back of the wood gnome.

how to make gnome peg dolls for children
One for pin and one for play!

Rather buy than DIY? Check out the following handmade gnome craft kits - and more! - below!

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