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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

How to Make a Braided Rainbow Shrinky Dink Necklace

Recently while KonMarie-ing(learn more about it here) my husband found a few unused Shrinky Dinks sheets like these in a box of his childhood stuff. (Disclosure: I am including some affiliate links in this post for your convenience.)

The find sparked joy for him and a little sadness in me (but not much cause it wasn’t an earth shattering situation when growing up) when I admitted I never used shrink plastic to make crafts as a child.

“Let’s make Shrinky Dink charms!” he said. I balked at the idea because I thought you needed special Shrinky Dink art books, pens, and kits like these which he didn’t have. He told me I was totally overthinking it. I didn’t need to draw at all (I hate the way I draw most things,) and he was positive I already had everything else we needed to make shrink plastic crafts in my craft room.

How to Make a Rainbow Heart Shrink Plastic Necklace

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