Condo Blues

Thursday, February 6, 2014

How to Make Lavender Calming Candles

You know you are a DIYer when,  instead of giving you a candle for your birthday, your mom gives you soy candle wax and forces you to make your own gift from her.

It makes sense. I got into candle making because of my mom. Thanks Mom!

One of my favorites to make are lavender soy candles because the scent of lavender oil can have a calming effect. Who doesn't need a moment calm every now and then? *Raises hand*

In fact, both Lacey's behaviorist and our vet recommended Lacey wear a calming dog collar that contains lavender essential  oil to help with her anxiety. I wasn't so sure it would work until I noticed a difference in her behavior for the worst toward the end of the month when the collar ran out. (you can learn more about the dog calming collar we use here.) (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links in this post for your convenience.)

how to make lavender calming candles the easy way

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Sawdust Valentines with Mod Podge Stencils

Sometimes it is hard to find Valentine's Day cards for men. After a day of card shopping, I came home without a card for Husband because most of the cards I found were a wee bit too girly for a guy like him.

I decided to make a masculine Valentine's Day card featuring the manliest craft material I can think of - sawdust!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Wine Cork Horse

Happy Chinese New Year! 2014 is The Year of the Horse.

2014 New Year celebrations will celebrate all things horse.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate than by decorating with DeVine Wine Corks sweet little wine cork horse.  So when I saw this cutie in her Etsy shop, I had to share it with you. Those eyelashes are adorable!

She lists the materials as: Wine corks, pipe cleaners, faux fur, and positive vibes. 
Who doesn't need positive vibes?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Hate Winter Cabin Fever Indoor Beach Party: Décor

We. Are. Going. Stir. Crazy!

The Winter That Will Not End is giving Husband and I have a serious case of Cabin Fever. We’ve had to cancel a lot of activities due to white out conditions and icy roads.


Even Lacey is feeling it. Poor thing hasn’t had a proper walk in weeks due to the snow and dangerously low temperatures.

Husband decided to spice things up by sharing his cold with me. Now I’m fighting Cabin Fever AND a cold – blah! 

We can’t make a quick trip South to soak up some sun because you guys are getting are getting it too.
Complaining about it won’t make the winter blahs go away either.

I’m fighting Cabin Fever the only way I know how.

I’m making fun of it!

I’m inviting your to a n I’m Tired of Winter Let’s Have a Beach Party party on my blogs Condo Blues and Lazy Budget Chef!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

13 Things to Have in Your Car for Winter Snow and Ice Emergencies

Growing up on the Ohio North Coast, stocking a car and being prepared for winter driving is engrained in you from an early age. It is right up there with knowing your name, address, and telephone number. Even little kids know you are supposed to have jumper cables and a blanket in the trunk of your car. You also know you are supposed to hang your head in shame when you don’t.

After I moved from the Cleveland area I thought it was weird this stuff isn't common knowledge. In fact, I still kind do.

I realized why when I saw the weather people completely freak out about the first winter snow and for every snow thereafter. They didn’t offer any of the winter driving tips I grew up expecting to hear on the news. No wonder folks panic around here and forget to how drive in snow every. single. year.

Guys, we did the same thing last year, remember?

Sigh. Guess not.

Last week, I wrote about the basic things you should carry in your car for winter snow emergencies. Most of the items in that post 14 Basic Things to Have in Your Car in Winter Part 1 live in our car full time because they are useful to have for summer too.


Part 2 of my winter snow emergency prep kit goes beyond the basic list (you can review the basic snow emergency car checklist here.) Again, this is not a list supplies to get you through any type of doomsday scenario. This list is to help you in a winter driving or snow emergency and especially if you drive long distances or frequent country roads where it might be awhile before help will reach you. (Been there. Done that. On Christmas Day no less. Not fun.)

13 Things to Carry in Your Car for Snow Emergencies if You Travel Long Distances or Country Roads

Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Tips for Shoveling Snow

This winter there’s no business! Like snow business! Like snow business I know!

Hey, I’m just trying to lighten the mood since we we broke snow and cold records this winter. It is warmer in Alaska than it is in the Lower 48 right now. Crazy!

Tonight they predicted we will get more snow. You know what that means.


And lots of it.


If you can't find a kid wanting to make a quick buck on a snow day, you’ll have to shovel it yourself. If that’s the case, here are some snow removal tips to keep in mind and to prepare you for what lies ahead.