Condo Blues: It's Amazing What a Difference a Gallon of Paint Makes!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's Amazing What a Difference a Gallon of Paint Makes!

When I talk about painting, instead of replacing my kitchen cabinets everyone tells me painting kitchen cabinets is one of the most pain in the patoot DIY jobs ever.

That's why painting kitchen cabinets is near the bottom of my DIY To Do List. I'm waiting for them to magically transform themselves overnight.

Then I saw Mandy's kitchen cabinet transformation. With paint. From a painless to paint kit. It gives me hope peeps. Hope for my bland builder grade cabinet

Photo courtesy of  Suger Bee Crafts

In all fairness, I should say, I still want magical DIY elves to paint my kitchen cabinets for me. I have a big DIY list and could use the help.

When I say things like this, Husband mumbles something about "medication." I counter that it won't make magical DIY elves "go away" because they are pretend and never here to begin with. So I eat a gummy bear and pretend it's Prozac and we are all happy again.

Jump on over to Suger Bee Crafts for Mandy's tutorial on how she painlessly painted her kitchen cabinets for the deets.

Apparently no magical DIY elves were involved in the painting of her cabinets. I wonder if gummy bears were?

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