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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

13 DIY Craft Storage Ideas

I’m taking the opportunity to rethink how I organize my craft supplies as part of my craft room/guest room remodel. When I bought our house my main hobby was sewing and costume design. All of my other craft supplies fit into my vintage wood crate storage drawers.

Don’t worry. I am not giving these beauties up! 
They will get a tweak in the new room. Stay tuned!

Soda Six Pack Organizers kept all six of my craft paints organized.

Well, OK. This is a beer six pack organizer. I have several soda six pack holders covered with wrapping paper organizing other bits and bobs throughout the house and in my craft room.

Nine years and two blogs later, I have more paint, craft tools, and hobby genres than the current craft room organizers can hold. I’m running low on new workable storage solutions. Pinterest just makes me wish I lived in a catalog of pretty and perfect (and probably not very functional) craft rooms.

What is a gal to do?

Get a little help from her friends.

I asked the smartest and most creative people I know – YOU GUYS – for craft supply storage ideas for my new craft room. Wow! And you guys know me because almost all of them are DIY’ed in one way or another.

That makes my little green heart go pitty pat.

It also make me want to share the awesome with you.

4 Craft Paint Organizers

Beckie from Infarrantly Creative Craft Paint Storage stores her paints on thrift store shelves and spice racks. She unifies them by painting them the same color.


Jessica from Mad in Crafts made hanging  PVC and Wire Shelf Paint Storage from old wire cube shelves in to arty looking paint storage.  I often see these cubes at the thrift store. Hmm…


Colleen from Mural Maker and More organizes her paints in Mod Podge Craft Organizers she makes from repurposed jars, pill bottles, and boxes. Pretty, inexpensive, recycled – what’s not to love? 


Angie from Country Chic Cottage has  Craft Paint Organization using Recycled Cans in her craft room. I like her tip of flipping her craft paint bottles so you can see the color and shade more easily.

craft paint organization

Now that we have the paint all organized, let’s get a handle on what we can do with the rest.

7 Craft Supply Organizers

Crafts by Amanda’s Mod Podge Fabric Jars  is an incentive to marry my recycling bin jars to never ending fabric stash.


Angie from Country Chic Cottage has Five Ways to Organize Craft Supplies with jars, files, and an idea I fell in love with immediately – a lazy Susan. 


Mad In Crafts uses the if can’t build out build up mantra to store her craft tools using her  Project Runway Inspired Colorful Pegboard.

What is your favorite way to store your craft supplies?

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