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Monday, June 2, 2014

Minion Cell Phone Holder

I’m famous for asking people to call my phone because I can’t remember where I put it after I take it out of my purse. It’s kind of important to keep track of it since my cell phone is also my home phone.

Stuart (my favorite Despicable Me minion!) offered to help me out and allow me to make him into a Happy Meal toy cell phone stand. Stuart came into my life last summer when Christina from A Mommy Story and I did a Thelma and Louise road trip to Blogher last summer.


Well, we were just like them if Thelma and Louise drove an SUV and the wildest thing they did was stop at McDonalds for lunch and Stuarts and not share them with children. Then yeah, that’s us.

How to Make an Action Figure Cell Phone, Ereader, or Tablet Stand


You will need a hard plastic action figure/kids meal toy that is large and/or wide enough to keep your phone, ereader, or tablet from falling off the back of a wood base. So poke around under those beds, in the corners of toy boxes, on your desk at work  a thrift shop, or yard sale for something that works for you. 


You will need:

Action figure of your choice
Square wood base (I used scrap wood and let those dimensions and the electronics we plan to charge on the stands determine the size.)
Dremel rotary tool
Dremel router bit set
Dremel sanding drum
Dremel cutting bit
Sander and Sandpaper – I LOVE my Mouse detail sander and highly recommend it. You can learn more about it here.
Wood glue
E-6000 or Super Glue
Felt pads
Optional: drill with small drill bit, screw driver, and screws long enough to to attach the action figure to the base and small enough to do it without cracking the legs of the figure.

Make it:

1. Cut the wood base to size or purchase a small square wood plaque from a craft store. I recommend using a square base instead of round because it will make Step 4 easier for you. My base is 7 inches by 51/2 inches (the length of my phone.) I made the base deeper so I can use my action figure stand to hold my iPad too.

2. Draw a straight line approximately 1 inch from the front of the wood base. This is where you will make the cradle or well for your device.

3. Place the action figure behind the line on the base and mark where it goes with the pencil. How far forward or backward your action figure needs to be on the base to steady your electronics will depend upon the size/width of your action figure and the type of mobile electronic you will put on the finished stand. It is a good idea to double check the placement with the device of your choice before you commit to anything.

4. Use the Dremel and a router bit to cut a channel following the pencil line into the stand base. The channel should be a little wider than your cell phone.

TIP: I clamped a thin piece of scrap wood to the base to use as a jig (a guide) to make sure I cut the channel straight.

If you do not have a router bit (like me,) You can cut the channel by making several passes side by side with a standard Dremel cutting bit. That’s where the jig comes in handy.

5. Use the Dremel and sanding drum bit to smooth the rough edges in the channel.

6.  Sand the top and sides of the base smooth with the sander and sandpaper.

7. Use the Dremel and cutting bit to cut a chopstick the length of the channel. Sand the edges of the cut chopstick if needed.

8. Paint the base and chopstick to coordinate with your action figure. Allow the paint to dry. I painted my base with spray paint to make sure I had an even coat of blue paint over the original color of the scrap wood. I painted the chopstick with craft paint. When the base dried, I hand sanded it in random places so the previous color shows in spots.

9. Use wood glue to glue the chopstick to the front of the channel you cut in Step 4 to create a sturdy bond. The chopstick will keep your device in the channel where it is supposed to be and from sliding off the front of the stand.

Stuart's little cyclops eye peeking over the side of my phone makes me giggle. 
I don't get out much.

10. Use the Super Glue to glue your action figure to the area you marked in Step 3.

For added stability you can use screws and glue to attach the action figure to base. I didn’t do this with my minion cell phone holder because I was afraid of accidently cracking his legs with the screws.

10. Glue felt pads to the bottom of the stand at each corner.

11. After the glue dries, use your favorite hero to clean up your electronic clutter!

Help Dad keep track of his phone by making him an action figure electronics stand from his favorite childhood hero as a Father’s Day gift!

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