Condo Blues: 21 Unique Bottle Cap Crafts to Inspire You!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

21 Unique Bottle Cap Crafts to Inspire You!

I remake and makeover a lot of things using bottle caps but as our collection grows I need new recycled DIY ideas.

If you look at my Pinterest Crafts board you will see I have bottle cap projects on the brain. It seems like after I complete one bottle cap decorating project I see and pin a bunch more. (Follow me @condoblues on Pinterest pretty please?)

I can’t be the only one that doesn't this, can I?

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I thought I’d share the bottle cap craft love and show you some of my favorite recycled bottle cap projects from around the web to inspire you.

You can just drool over them like the bottle cap house. I doubt my Home Owner’s Association will let me do that or Husband for that matter.

17 Recycled DIY Bottle Cap Décor Projects We Love!

1. Bottle cap Placemats – Condo Blues

2. Bottle cap curtain – Christian

3. . Bottle Cap Collector Mirror – ilovetocreate

4. DIY Bottle Cap Mirror Frame – bluwaterlife

5. Bottle cap Dress – blog for everyone I can’t tell you how much I love this and want it in my house!

6. Dog Paw Bottle Cap Picture Frame – Condo Blues My very first creative reuse bottle cap project.

7. . Bottle cap flowers – Crafts by Amanda

8. Plastic Bottle cap Mosaic House – Express-o Wow! What commitment!

9. Bottle Cap Coasters – Dollar Store Crafts – Carissa’s project inspired me to make my bottle cap placemats

10. Bottle cap America Flag Table – College Humor

11.  Bottle Cap Mosaic chairs – Condo Blues I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on this creative bottle cap project.

12. Bottle Cap Magnets – Condo Blues A quick and easy DIY project that practically makes itself!

13.  Pepsi Bottle cap Chandelier – From Rags to Couture

14. Bottle cap Bathroom Mosaic Walls – Frances Green – I cannot tell you how much I love her mosaic bottle cap walls. Fantastic!

So creative and talented!

15. Funky Beer Bucket – Mosaic Garden. This one is a to buy rather than I DIY. It is so so worth the price!

 The copper makes this piece sing!

16. Copper Bottle Cap Wreath – Condo Blues Recycling projects can add a little glam to your décor!


17. Bottle Cap Bird House – Kids Stuff World

 A fun bottle cap project for kids!

4 Creative Reuse Bottle Cap Craft Projects You Can Wear

18. Domed Bottle cap Bead Necklace – Instructables I want to learn how to make these. So cool!

19.Stenciled Bottle Cap Bracelet – Condo Blues

20. Bottle Cap Zipper Pull – Condo Blues

21. Bottle Cap Pattern Weights – Condo Blues Well, you can’t actually wear this project but you can use them to sew something to wear and that’s close enough.

Do you collect bottle caps? What do you do make with them?

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Natasha Mairs - Serenity You said...

These are really great. I love the bathroom mosaic idea, that looks incredible

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

These are so cool! I especially love that wreath!

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Featuring this great roundup of projects when my party opens!

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