Condo Blues: A New Use for Old Nail Polish

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A New Use for Old Nail Polish

I ran over a broken glass bottle and got a flat tire on my bike. I also got a major workout because I had to push my bike 3 miles home instead of riding it. That’s the “Blues” part of Condo Blues in case you’re just joining us, *sniff*.

I have no idea how to change a bike tire, especially the back tire because it requires taking off the chain assembly. The gears and chain were a little wonky and I was putting off having someone look at it anyway.

Time to call in a pro.

I sucked it up and took my bike to a Serious Cyclist Shop that did repairs. The type of store that sells real bikes to Lance Armstrong types and expensive touring bikes (no gears – WTHeck? We have hills) to frou-frou moms who ride in very flat neighborhoods (not mine.) Husband and I fully expected to be soaked for the repair and the tire, possibly costing more than my bike.

Did I mention that my bike is a Toys R Us special?

Made for kids?


Yes I’m that short. I have to ride a kid’s bike. *sigh*

Fortunately, the folks at the bike shop were just plain awesome. They didn’t bat an eye when I wheeled Destiny into the shop, fixed my flat, dewonked my bike chain, and pumped up the tires on both my bike and Husband’s to proper level to the tune of only 8 bucks – the cost of the new inner tube.

Then the guy says to me, “Are you having any difficult rides with this bike?”

“Yes” I say, thinking uh oh dude’s going to try to sell me a new bike (which I’d love, but I don’t use the current one enough to justify a new bike just yet. Plus, there’s that whole adult bikes are too big for me issue.)

"Thought so, you’re riding with the seat too low” and then he set it to the proper height for me. I had the best 8 mile ride of my life with properly inflated tires and the seat set at the right height (plus the ride was on a nice flat bike trail, unlike my other rides when I try to commute on rough potholed and patched city streets that don’t have berms for bikes.) Bliss!

Now, here’s the thing. That seat isn’t going to stay at the proper height for long. My bike has a latch were I can remove the seat after I lock it up to deter theft (and look uber cool walking around carrying my bike seat afterwards, like a real serious cyclist type.) I knew the next time I removed the seat that I wouldn’t put it back on at the same height without some sort of indicator. Tape and permanent marker didn’t stay on very well and weren’t very permanent.

Enter the nail polish. A little line of nail polish is all it took to make a discreet and permanent reminder


The fact that the nail polish coordinates with the color of my bike’s reflector is a nice bonus.

This post is part of Works for Me Wednesday.


vanessa. said...

i love that you are short enough to ride a kid's bike - i am too! mine is a 24" :)

Kristin said...

Two enthusiastic thumbs up! That's a great tip. :)

Robj98168 said...

My problem with bike riding is an improper bikr height. I bought my used dingle speed from a guy over 6' tall, and my Schwinn Varsity 10 Speed i found in the dumpster is way to tall for my stumpy legs. That and add that I probably need one of my knees replaced... no wonder I hate riding a bike so much! But all is not lost- I am in the process of finding the right bike for we, hopefully with an electric booster motor!

Robj98168 said...

That should read single speed not dingle speed!

Cher Duncombe said...

Nail polish has lots of good uses, doesn't it? Guys think we buy it just for the manicure! I use it to delineate important keys. I don't know ehy I have so many, but in a crunch I can find just the one I need by marking it with nail polish. We are not to be underestimated! :)

Morgan said...

...I love the fact that you are riding a bike that says Destiny! That's adorable. :)

And how good to know that they were genuinely helpful and kind at the bike shop.

Now you're back on your wheels in no time!!


Petit Elefant said...

Bwahhaaa haaa haa. Seriously. I knew nail polish was the wonder cosmetic, but I find new uses every day.

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