Condo Blues: Why Using Cheap Paint Doesn't Save Money

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why Using Cheap Paint Doesn't Save Money

Until I found the perfect set of porch chairs I decided to repaint and revamp a couple of doctor’s office chairs that Husband had from his bachelor days.

Since I hated these chairs with a fiery vengeance and thought they would be better served as firewood, I didn’t want to invest a lot of time or money into their makeover. I bought a couple of cans of cheap spray paint from Dollar General and got to work.

The chairs didn’t look so hateful. After surviving Hurricane Ike, not finding anything the right scale that I liked, and the price being right (free) I decided they could stay.

That sealed my fate. *Enter the Condo Blues whammy.*

After two winters of this…


I now understand why it ticks off The Home Improvement Gods when you use cheap paint and clearance apparel fabric for outdoor upholstery.

You get this.


And this.


As my next door neighbor so wisely said to me, “The dollar store is good for many things. Paint is not one of them.”

Have you ever had a cheap fix end up biting you in the wallet?

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Lindsay @ Makely said...

You are so right!!

Unknown said...

I have to admit, I've never tried paint from the dollar store, and thanks to you I won't! Too bad for your chairs. Are you going to try again?

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

I repainted them with outdoor paint. A very expensive brand I scored for cheap in the perfect color in the Lowes Oops paint section. Lesson learned. Cheap paint = bad. Expensive paint for cheap = good.

Morgan said...

Ahhh...paint, yes that is one thing that I have learned my lesson on "quality" as well (also because I work for a paint company, haha).

Anywho, I bought an interior paint that was on the cheaper side and it took me so many coats (and extra quarts) that I realized I would've been better off buying the higher priced paint that would cover better and save me in the end! Bleh.

Cute chairs, though! :)


Robj98168 said...

Have I ever- Your neighbor is so right- I bought some White paint from Big Lots for just 6.99 a can (I think ceiling white paint at Home depot is 12.99) for painting the ceilings in my house- started with a dark blue room that I labored over priming. To paint the ceiling ended up taking 2 gallons. I learned my lesson- If I want to save $$$ I am going to the oop's section- or swallowing my pride and buying the low or No VOC paint. But hell I saved $6.00- not counting I planned the whole 2 gallons for the enitre ceilings of my house, and the crooked neck from doing 3 coats.

Cathy said...

wow--really good point--i do think the chairs are worth redoing, though

Onlinehandyman said...

Excellent post, unfortunately many people learn this exact lesson the same way. It is just a shame when it has to be redone - usually ends up costing more than when you buy quality materials in the first place. It has to do with the pigment and the other materials that make up paint. It just takes a lot more paint to do the same job as a better grade of paint.

Anonymous said...

Cheap paint = bad....also know that cheap fabric = bad. I bought fabric from walmart and joanne's for a quilt, spent a lot of time on it only to have it fade like made the first season I had it on my bed. If you want to keep it, invest in the good stuff.


K. Rock said...

I sed cheap paint to pain my bathroom. It was a bad idea. When someone uses the shower, the pain drips down the wall and leaves streaks. I tried putting up a second coat but it was more of the same thing. I definitely learned my lesson and I have the marks to show for it.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

So, are you planning on redoing these for the Procrastinator Party? You linked up so I can't wait to see the afters!! One more week!

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