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Friday, December 4, 2015

Make Peek a Boo Window Gift Tags

After a two day craft room excavation I had a couple of boxes of old business cards and nice little pile of random paper, ribbon, buttons, and punches on my worktable. The following day and fueled by probably more hot chocolate than one person should drink in an afternoon I started to play.

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Once I got on a creative roll, I upcycled a bunch of old business cards into gift tags I’m not ashamed to tie onto our Christmas gifts this year. I have so many handmade stash buster gift tags, that I’m going to turn this craft project into a blog series. Come craft with me!


How to Make Embossed Gift Tags for Hanukkah or Christmas

While I made the blue and gold Christmas a gift tags specifically for our misguided family members who are University of Michigan fans.

If you celebrate Hanukah, the blue and silver version are perfect for you too!

 By offsetting the die cut, I solved how to design around the old URL printed on what I what I want to be the front of my gift tag.  Clever, right?

You will need:

Cardstock Or old business cards

Scrapbook paper Or cardstock and metallic gold paint or metallic silver paint, and a paint brush

Sizzix Big Shot ,Sizzix Moves & Shapers Dies Kit #2 Card, Vertical Note, Sizzix Embossing Folder 656799 Or One inch square paper punch

Sizzix Big Shot Tags die Or Tag paper punch Or 1/8 circle paper punch and scissors

Glue or glue stick (tip: I spread white school glue with a dedicated paint brush so it won’t get wrinkly and dry bumpy)

Ribbon, bakers twine, or crochet thread

Optional but recommended: Binge watch The Man in the High Castle while you work. I always stream a show or music while I create, do you? (If you don’t have Amazon Prime you can try it Amazon Prime start free 3 free trial here for 30 days. We originally got it for the free two day shipping and keep it for that and the free video streaming since we don’t have Netflix.)

Make it:

1. Cover a piece of card stock with broad, messy (I mean artful) strokes of  metallic paint in the color of your choice with a paint brush and allow it to dry. If you already have gold, silver, or glittery scrapbook paper you can skip this step.

2. Embossed some of the painted or scrapbooking paper using the Big Shot and embossing folder for interest if deserved.

3. Use the die cutting machine, tag paper punch, or scissors and 1/8 inch round punch to cut 2 business cards or cardstock into a gift tag shape.

4. Die Cut Directions: Use the Sizzix Big Shot and Sizzix Moves & Shapers Dies Kit #2 Card, Vertical Note to die cut three squares on a business card.

Paper Punch Directions: Use the square paper punch to punch three squares into the

5. Cut and glue a rectangle of metallic, scrapbooking, or embossed craft paper to the now underside of the business card making sure the pretty side of the paper peeks through your die cut windows.
6. If you filled your card windows with embossed paper, glue a another piece of blank card stock or side of a business card to make an embossed paper sandwich so you can write the To and From names on the gift tag.

7. Tie a length of ribbon, bakers twine, or crochet thread to the hole in the tag.

We’re not worried about the information on these old business cards being comprised when we give it away as a gift tag. The companies we used to work for were bought out and no longer exist. They belong to that Great Company Buyout in the Sky now.

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