Condo Blues: How to a Make Tomato Cage Plant Stand

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

How to a Make Tomato Cage Plant Stand

This year’s Tabasco and Habanero pepper plants aren’t doing as well as they could planted discretely in our front flower bed as they could on the sunny backyard patio. They only way to do that is to eek out space for two more plants on my small patio container garden with  four plant stands.

Which was a fantastic excuse to check out our new IKEA store! I saw a self watering planter and stand on the IKEA website that would do the job nicely.

Until I got to the store and an associate told me they were discontinued. *sad face*

No worries! I swung by Home Depot on my way home to buy tomatoes cages to make into a quick and easy modern plant stand.

Quick and Easy DIY Modern Plant Stands

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You will need:

Tomato cage

Dremel and cutting wheel

Potted plant

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The most difficult part of this project is measuring the planter and tomato cage to make sure the cage will hold your plant pot.

How to Make It:

1. Turn the tomato cage upside down.

2. Use the Dremel and cutting wheel to cut and remove the tomatoes cage stakes. Be careful! The metal may spark when when you cut it.

3. Put your potted plant in the top of the tomato cage.

I made four plants stands. Two now hold my DIY self watering hanging planters. I made two new DIY self watering flower pots from galvanized buckets I had on hand for the pepper plants.

Ta Da! A modern plant stand.

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