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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Friday Favorites Linky Party 375

Hello Friends! Do you have plans this weekend? If not, GO SEE WONDER WOMAN! Husband and I went to see it opening weekend and IT WAS AWESOME!

I see folks talking about the Wonder Woman movies as some sort of statement or Thing which I suppose it can be if you are looking for something like that. (Although I almost fell out of my chair when I saw frail little Princess Buttercup from one of my favorite guilty pleasure movie The Princess Bride plays the Amazon general that trains Wonder Woman because she is their best fighter. Also they cast a ton of female champion athletes to play the Amazons who are also drop dead healthy and gorgeous,)

In all honesty, this is the first DC Comics superhero movie in a long to,e that makes me WANT to cheer for the hero. She's not there to be all "statementy", she's there to fight the bad guys and save the day - and she does.

I gotta say, I was scared Warner Brothers was going to mess up the Wonder Woman movie and make it deep, dark, depressing, broody, and totally unlike the character I like and remember as a kid. You, know, just like they did with the recent Superman and Batman movies. I felt like I lost several hours of my life I cannot get back after I watched those poor excuses for superhero movies.

So yeah, I totally recommend this movie. Best of all it is kid friendly! This isn't a sponsored ad or anything. I just really, really like the movie and hope everyone sees it, especially men and boys so movies studios will get over "this type of movie does't make enough money to make female lead character movies" because Husband is totally ready to movie to Thematically if they'd let him!

Let's party!

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Patriotic Muddy Buddys
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Patriotic Muddy Buddys from Busy Being Jennifer

This amazing coconut rum punch is the quintessential summer cocktail! Made with fresh watermelon and coconut rum, this simple rum punch recipe comes together in moments. Perfect for sipping poolside or serving at your next summer soiree!
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